Here is where we will be +++ Saturday April 20th 2013 Lufkin, Texas +++
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Grand Bay
Fri 07/01
09:24 AM 1.49 H
08:14 PM -0.29 L
Sat 07/02
10:00 AM 1.58 H
08:54 PM -0.36 L
Times in Local clock time. Feet.
Data from; NOAA
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Welcome to 1 of 2 Official Sites for Trapper Joe LaFont and Trigger Tommy Chauvin.
This site is all about the fans. We'll be posting photos of and with you guys and we also have our
hats, t-shirts, autographed photos and coozies for sale in our store so check it out.

Joe LaFont and Tommy Chauvin are considered experts in trapping and make a living of the bays and bayous aroung Plaquemines Parish.
The two trap a wide variety of animals from alligators, to shrimp and muskrats.
Tommy is the step-son of Joe and the two are known as "Trapper Joe" and "Lil' Trapper

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Port Sulphur
Chance Thunderstorms, Probability Of Precipitation: 30%
Chance Thunderstorms
88°F | 78°F